Aluminium Window Screen – Stand Off

This stand off aluminium window screen is great at avoiding those protruding handles. With a 35mm clearance, they can be fitted inside or outside and come either top or side hinged. We recommend any screen over 600mm x 600mm be top hinged.

The maximum size for this screen is 1500mm wide x 1000mm high or 1000mm wide x 1500mm high.

If you would like a quotation, please send us an email to sales@flyscreen.com with the following details –
  • The type of screen you would like.
  • Your measurements in mm (width x height).*
  • Whether you would like top of side hinged.
  • Your address – this helps us estimate carriage and how long for delivery.

*Please read the measuring instructions below thoroughly.

We will get back to you as soon as we can with a price, lead time and what you can expect from your screen.



  • Face fits inside or outside to existing frame, sub frame or wall outside the reveal.
  • Top or Side Hinged – held in place with hinges and turn buttons.
  • Grey insect mesh as standard
  • Made with grey insect mesh that is 18×16 gauge.
  • The aluminium frame is powder coated in white.
  • A midbar may be used to provide additional support for larger screens.
  • Comes ready made for you to fit.


Measure the width and height of the aperture, plus any bevelled edges on the window frame.

Add 25mm of flat surface on each side (for the screen frame to rest against). If you are short of flat surface, you can have as little as 10mm, but the frame will overlap some of the aperture.

Allow space for such things as a locating wedge for cock-spur handles.

We manufacture to the sizes given to us, subject to +/- 2mm manufacturing tolerance. Please ensure you have read our measuring instructions carefully and made any deductions required.

Width: Aperture (and bevelled edges) + 50mm of flat surface.
Height: Aperture (and bevelled edge) + 50mm of flat surface.


Ensure you have an additional 15mm of flat surface to fit hinges and 20mm to fit turn buttons.

If the screen is being used in a reveal, an additional 43mm of flat surface beyond the hinge will be required, to allow the screen to open fully (90° to the face) with out stopping against the reveal.

Do not include these amounts in the manufacturing measurements you give us.

Do you need to build a sub frame ?

If the window handle extends more than 35mm beyond the flat surface you will need to build a sub frame around the window to bring the screen away from the window handle when it is closed. Alternatively let the screen rest against the handle (hinged screen).

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