Pleated Door Screen – DIY Kit


These screens have a pretty pleated retractable mesh which disappears into a slim profile on the side. They also have a magnetic closure, to ensure they stay shut when needed. The kits come with all the parts and instructions you need – only a few tools required! Check below for more details.


  • Side mounted retractable screen with pleated mesh.
  • The low profile bottom rail is only 7mm.
  • White powder coated aluminium profile.
  • Black pleated insect mesh with a magnetic closer bar.
  • Reveal fit only.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.

To install you need a drill, a saw, a stanley knife, tape measure, spirit level, scissors and screwdrivers (flat & cross head).

Measuring For Reveal Fit

Measure the minimum width and height of the aperture. We suggest you take the measurements in three places and use the smallest.

Important: During assembly the height of the kit can only be reduced by 100mm:

  • 1900mm can only be reduced by 100mm to 1890mm high.
  • 2090mm can only be reduced by 100mm to 1990mm high.
  • 2290mm can only be reduced by 100mm to 2190mm high.

Maximum width is 1000mm, which can be reduced to required size.

Please order the appropriate size kit or email [email protected] for more information.


Kit Size

1000mm x 1990mm, 1000mm x 2090mm, 1000mm x 2290mm

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