Roller Window Screen – S700 Series DIY Kit


This roller window screen is top mounted with discreet slimline tracks that have brush pile inside for further protection. Check out the details below for more information.

The maximum size for this screen is 1530mm wide x 1500mm high. The minimum width is 530mm.

This screen is available as a made to measure product. Check it out here.


  • Screens can be face fitted on to the window frame or the wall outside the reveal.
  • The mesh screen is operated using a handle on the edge of the mesh and releases easily to roll back smoothly into the cartridge when not needed.
  • Low profile cartridge and side tracks in white powder coated aluminium. There is also brush pile in side tracks for further protection.
  • Maximum size available: 1530mm wide x 1500mm high. Minimum width available is 450mm.
  • Black insect mesh only. Fully retractable.
  • Comes made to measure and ready for you to fit.


Face Fit

The width of the cartridge is the critical measurement – it cannot be changed after it has been made.

Measure the width of the aperture plus any bevelled edges on the window frame. Add 25mm of flat surface on each side (50mm total) to fit the tracks.

Measure the height of the aperture plus any bevelled edges on the window frame. Add 45mm flat surface at the top for the cartridge and 10mm at the bottom for the closer bar to seal against.

The side tracks need to end at least 10mm past the edge of the aperture at the bottom to provide a seal. More can be added if space allows. If fitting to the wall outside the reveal we suggest you add an additional 25mm of flat surface on each side to avoid fixing too close to the edge of the reveal.

Width: Aperture (and bevelled edges) + 50mm of flat surface.

Height: Aperture (and bevelled edges) + 60mm of flat surface

Dimensions N/A
Kit Size

630mm x 1500mm, 930mm x 1500mm, 1230mm x 1500mm, 1530mm x 1500mm

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